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Arboretum Update!

As part of CCRA’s ongoing commitment to healthy living, Schuylkill River Park is now a certified level 1 Arboretum, and CCRA is its main sponsor.  As the largest swath of green space in the neighborhood with a collection of over 250 trees, the park is critical to our quality of life.  Center City West’s tree canopy of less than 12 percent is sub-optimal and continues to decline.  With CCRA’s support, the Arboretum will help reverse this trend by better caring for its existing trees and planting many more. 


CCRA funding also will help develop a nature education program for park-goers and area school children. Our neighborhood teachers are excited about using the park as an extension of their classrooms. The first project is a specially designed sensory garden of many trees and shrubs specifically chosen for their appeal to the senses. 


With CCRA’s support, the park trees will better clean and cool our air, filter stormwater, offer space to exercise, and build community.  Healthy parks make healthy people.  Learn more about the Arboretum here

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